10 Best DIY Christmas cake Decoration Ideas!

10 Best DIY Christmas cake Decoration Ideas!

So, it is time. The biggest celebration of the year is near. And with the air of love and joy, there are many other things that we need to prepare for. It is time to bring out the crafts kit to make the presents, time to buy the good tree ornaments before they sell out, and it is time to start looking for good recipes to make Christmas cakes, that will be the highlight of the meal.

Whether you are a professional chef presenting your cakes in beautifully designed cake boxes, or a regular individual with a passion for baking, you need ideas for baking, right?

Don’t fret. We have made a list of 10 easy and simple cake decoration ideas that will make it stand out and look appetizing.

Ideas for Cake Decoration

These techniques are easy to follow and make, and will ensure that you get the best looking cakes in the room, and bring joy to everyone and spread the Christmas feel.

Santa themed Cakes:

It is Christmas, and we all know what that means; presents from Santa. This year, show your appreciation for our beloved figure, and decorate the highlight if the meal in his image. Use white, red, green, black and skin colored icing to make a Santa face on the cake.

Present themed Cakes:

What else is there to celebrate on Christmas, but presents. They are an integral part of exchanging happiness and joy. This Christmas, use your baking skills to spread the same levels of joy. Design your cake in the form of a present. Use multi colored icing on a fruit cake to make this design. You can use icing, nuts, glaze or fruits to make the ribbon patterns

Rudolph the Deer:

Yes, you guessed it. With Santa, we have his famous reindeer that can be a design for cakes. Sounds difficult, but it is not. Use chocolate antlers, icing and nut toppings to make a 3-D deer on the cake. Use buttercream rosettes, honey glaze, berries and holly leaves to create a further effect. Make sure that the cake is a cream cake, as these toppings go well with that.

The Snowman:

We have all made snow men in the yard, on Christmas. How about a snowman that comes straight from the oven? Chocolate sticks to make its arms, coconut shavings to make the snow, and Swiss meringue buttercream and fondant to make the body. Use nuts and berries to decorate the body.

Plain Boxes:

Not very artistic, but it is creative. You can make the cake look like custom printed Christmas cake boxes, and watch the surprise of the people as they try to open it. You can make the icing smooth and angular to give a more authentic touch.

Swan Cake:

Looks elegant and majestic, yet can be made easily. The occasion is grand, and this swan shaped cake shows that. Use gingerbread, meringue, royal icing and meringue to make the feathers and body.

Mini Cakes:

Instead of going for a big cake, go for small cakes. Use little cubes and spheres that you can cover in icing and toppings. Use little ginger bread men, or mini snowflakes made of icing. The little cakes can be made of multi colored icing and each one can be decorated in a different way, according to the creativity of the baker. Presented in cute little Christmas Cake Boxes,they are sure to make any one melt.

Tree Cakes:

One of the most popular ideas for decorating the cake is to bake in the shape of a fir tree, and then decorate it. Use green and brown icing, and nuts to make the base. Use berry clumps to make Christmas lights, and chocolate figurines of squirrels, and even little cakes to represent gifts.


We all know the block buster movie that changed Christmas for kids. They cannot imagine it without Olaf, Sven, Pabbie and the others. Make sure that you make this Christmas more memorable for them by using edible figurines of these characters, and place them on a snowy cake, made of royal icing or coconut.

Decoration Items:

You can make an ordinary cake look more appealing by using Christmas themed decorations, like candy canes, peppermint candy, fudge and nougat etc. Even a simple cream cake can be made into a snowman playground themed cake, if you use the appropriate decorations.

Cake Packaging

Christmas Cake Boxesare available at all bakeries and stores. However, you will have to look around to find the boxes according to your need. A better option would be get these boxes designed and printed before Christmas. You can easily get custom cake boxes on wholesalerates from any packaging solutions company.

Make sure that you use these ideas to make a well decorated cake, which captures the spirit of Christmas.

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