Are You Giving the Right Care to Your Elders While You Are Away?

Are You Giving the Right Care to Your Elders While You Are Away?

In today’s age, many people are moving away from their homes looking for better education and job opportunities and the family is inclined to be further apart. Parents are left back at the home alone in their late phases of life. However, the safety and well-being of parents will always remain the priority of children irrespective of the distance. That’s where our elders need home assistance or physical assistance facility at home.

Challenges Elderly People Faces

Same as childhood, old age is the stage of life where people become dependent on others for self-care. The decline in physical abilities makes it hard for them to meet the needs and living conditions without a supporter. Yet, elderly people, especially those who live alone often refuse to depend on someone despite the challenges and problems they are facing. They express their intense desire to maintain their independence. This is

  • Health issues and regular health test

Most elderly people suffer from chronic health conditions like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes etc. Self-neglect in health is often found in elderly people because of social isolation and loneliness. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle behaviors can help to deal with these problems which senior citizens can’t do alone. Regular exercises and fitness measures like morning walk need to be included in their life.

  • Driving or traveling alone in a city

Transportation is a key issue for old age people. Elderly people won’t be able to drive as they once did because of their physical frailness and cognitive limitations. The dull and baggy eyes, problems like farsightedness, etc. makes it a complicated task concerning their safety. Having access to public transports can help in such circumstances. However, the mental conditions and psychological problems that senior citizens usually have can generate problems.  For instance, if the person is having memory issues or Alzheimer’s, traveling alone can risk their security. So, getting groceries from the market or a visit to their friends can be difficult for them.

  • Technological know-how

Aged people are not as updated as the younger generation. Their physical conditions can even aggravate their ability to use technology. Lack of proper knowledge, inability to keeping up with the changes, visual impairments, etc. keep them away from technology. There can be people who don’t know how to use a mobile phone who need assistance in things like that.

  • Home assistance like cooking, cleaning and utility bill deposits

It is not easy for elderly people to keep their homes clean as they no longer have the mobility, strength, and flexibility to scrub the floors and clean their own. The physical coordination and the health of joints declines with age which increases the chances of injuries while doing tasks like cooking and cleaning. Skipping this leads to an unhealthy environment and thus they need help.

  • Getting groceries from the market

Senior citizens are homebound due to their age-related medical conditions and the inability to drive. They need help in errands like shopping for groceries from the market which should consider your health as well as budget.

  • Keeping track of their medicine schedule

Taking medicines on time is crucial in controlling chronic diseases and restore health and well-being in elderly people. Considering their health and physical conditions, elderly people need someone who could help them to take the medications as directed and keep in touch with the health-care provider.

EvrCare: Do the Right Thing and Give the Right Care

EvrCare help in providing the care elder people need at this stage of the life and provides personalized homecare comprising everything your parents need. We render personalized care concerning their needs and comfort level. When the kids are not around, EvrCare brings comprehensive care and attention to senior citizens, thereby improve their level of comfort in doing daily chores and enjoy a comfortable life. EvrCare believes in rendering round-the-clock attention to the old age people. Our workforce focuses on the mental and social well-being of senior citizens.

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