Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Real estate business is not a new concept. The origin of this concept was seen in 1890 in United States with an attempt to form a real estate association. However back then, the idea and effort weren’t accepted. But it did embark a movement and then in 1908, National Association of Real Exchanges was found bringing to fore a platform wherein this real estate business involving agents, brokers, sellers and buyers could easily perform such functions. Prologis in United States, Brookfield Assest Management in Canada and Gecina in France are few of the largest real estates companies in the world. DLF Ltd., Godrej properties Ltd. and Omaxe Ltd. are some of the biggest names in India in this direction.

Like any other business, for real estate business as well it is important to remain in touch with its clients and potiential customers and to track the record of the same. In terms of business, we call it as real estate crm (Customer Relationship Management). Real estate crm serves as a platform for the real estate companies to get into touch with its customers and clients even after sale. Not just for a company, but for all real estate agents or brokers, adhering to the use and understanding the importance of crm may help in streamlining the business in the direction of success because as ther say, customer is the king. With an aim to achieve so, the real estate companies or agents/brokers access different softwares. These softwares smoothen the process of achieving the desired customer relationship management.

Real estate crm software is software that is designed in such a manner that contributes to the aim of effective and efficient customer relationship management (crm). There are numerous crm softwares available such as Cratio Real Estate crm, Sell.Do crm, HubSpot crm and so on. Making use of crm softwares comes with a great list of advantages such as:

Easy accessibility – The softwares provies the feature of time and place universality. This means that it can be used form anywhere around the world and at any hour of the day.

Information loaded- Crm softwares can hold and record unlimited information. This helps to create of record of existing and potential clients and customers.

Feedback- The crm softwares since help to maintain records, they also acts as means to look into mirror and analyse the performance of the company. The loopholes are resolved and future business opportunities are analysed.

Response- A customised auto responsive feature of this software helps to take up the queries and deal with the same in the required manner.

Productivity- The employees of the business may not get much time while meeting clients or brokers and further showing them the samples and what not. But the anywhere and anytime feature of the software enables improving the productivity of the employee.

Business succession- Since the software serves as a database of information, it helps to grab more leads as the database serves as a evidence and report card of the company for the potential clients. And having the same can generate further word of mouth as more than 70% of the real estate business is run on the word of mouth game.

Because of the various advantages, crm softwares and its tools are being used by almost every real estate company across the globe. The software not just serves as a database of information but with the advancement in its tools, it also serves as a report card to trace out the growth and development.

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