Don’t let Corona ruin your celebrations, just order your cake online and party in style

Don’t let Corona ruin your celebrations, just order your cake online and party in style

Online shopping has become the buzzword nowadays. Especially after the advent of the coronavirus people found it safer to stay in comfort and proximity of their homes and order groceries, electronics, clothing and food items online from their homes.

Online shopping is prevalent in tier 3 cities as well and there is no need to take the hassle to go out and shop at a physical store and risk getting yourself exposed to the virus.

One more contender in this space is cakes. Cakes are integral part of our culture, as no occasion is perfect until there is a cake to grace the occasion. Cakes are delicious, colorful and come in various flavors, shapes and sizes and no occasion is complete without a luscious cake marking its presence.

Cakes are savored graciously by guests no matter the occasion is be it birthdays, marriages or celebrations and family get together. It’s awaited fervently to be devoured by guests and enjoyed much fervently by kids and elders alike.

Nowadays, you don’t have to go out and shop for cakes at your neighbor-hood pantry stores and choose from very limited options. You can go online and get mesmerized by a plethora of options to choose from. Cakes online are available in hundreds of sizes, shapes, flavors and ingredients. You can choose one which suits the occasion and your appetite. You can order custom cakes build in the shape of your pet, your tv, Barbie doll, shirt, your home, or virtually anything you can click a picture of and they would exactly like a replica of the object you ordered.

We have tried cakes made in the shape of T-shirts, beer, champagne, whisky, vodka, cigarettes, sofa and even a mountain. Recently we enjoyed a cake of one our colleague who is an avid mountaineer; the cake looked like a model of a mountaineer trying to climb Mount Everest. Needless to say our colleague for whom the cake was ordered was thrilled and had tears bursting from eyes when he saw it. It was delicious as well and we cherish it till date.

There are many website which are delivering cakes in Ludhiana as well, no matter which part of the city you are based in you can get online delivery of cake in Ludhiana just by the click of the button.

The cakes are delivered fresh, you can even order 24 hours before the occasion and the cake will at your doorstep at no time. The best thing is that they are very cost-effective than the big bakery shops selling half a kg cake for thousands. Online cake delivery in Ludhiana shops sell quality cakes at fraction of that price only. You can choose variety of flavors from butterscotch, red velvet, chocolate almond, vanilla, black forest, pineapple, caramel, pistachio, chocolate brownie, blueberry, mango, apple and countless other options to choose from. Therefore I would recommend if you are based in Ludhiana then you should definitely look for cake options online if there is an occasion you want to make really special.

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