Generators Safety Canopies Necessity

Generators Safety Canopies Necessity

Do you not want the safety of your generator, do not want to use the generator for a long time without any problems?

Obviously, you will definitely leave no stone unturned to take care of your expensive car and take care of things like building a garage or buying a cover to avoid rain or theft.

Just like this, your power generator also needs care. You have to protect your backup generator from unwanted environments and generator noise by using a generator canopy (fixed cover for your generator ).

With a good quality generator canopy, you can use your generator at any time and you can handle the generator without any hassle.

What is the Generator Canopy?

The fact is known to the whole world that why and how generator has been our part of life during a blackout and even in natural disasters for years by letting you operating refrigerator, computers, televisions and all the needed electrical appliances.

Have You Thought To Do Something In Return To Guard Your Backup Resource “Generator” against rain, air, corrosion, and intentional harm?

Yes, you probably have and that’s why you came here to know about what exactly generator canopy is for generator and how it can be fruitful for its proper functioning by keeping it safe and secure.

Why Should we Use Generator Canopies with the Generator?

The generator is just an electricity-producing device and canopy is complete a perfect home for it. As we have talked earlier that canopy or enclosure is the fixed cover to your generator, especially for shelter or protection.

Canopy with weatherproof, noise and sound-reducing qualities popped up in the market with the objective of protecting generators from the air, bad weather and unauthorized access.

Open sets of generators seem extremely loud, and often businesses place them in roofs and basements which can cause the potential interruption nearby operations. Fitting a sound-proof canopy to your generator will certainly reduce this noise level and make it more comfortable for your house.

Canopied sets tend to have their noise levels measured in decibels from 1 meter away from the set e.g. 80db at 1m.

Specification of Generator Canopy-

  • High-class steel covering built without corrosion
  • Excellent working result.
  • Modular development & vibration-free in both welded, dismantle &
  • assembly type by experts modern CAD/CAM techniques.
  • To achieve optimum output with low noise using covers/ducting/louvers to increasing airflow with low emission as well as ventilation.
  • Close fit type compact canopies are duly approved & guaranteed for any make of generators manufacture.
  • Doors with a gasket to avoid leakage of sound through doors.
  • Providing lockable type heavy locks with the generator canopy for generator safety.
  • Provision for illumination inside enclosure & glass window panel viewing
  • suitable and fit for generators.
  • Sound-proof and robust
  • Portable and easy to handle

 Don’t You Want To Know About World’s First Soundproof Enclosure For Portable(which we use for home or office backup) Generators?

ZombieBox is the first soundproof portable noise control system or canopy which is considered best or specializes in minimizing noise level up to 95% and more importantly also maximize the life cycle of the equipment.

 Let’s Look At Some Of The Most Common Canopies For Generators

  • Acoustic and weatherproof canopy– It’s a well-known soundproofing canopy for a generator that comes with lockable and weatherproof features that are installed or set outside the intake room and have 80dbA noise level.
  • Containerized – Well these are the most common generators and considered large above 500 KVA and upward. 
  • Bespoke built Generators – It’s customary built according to sound level is required or needed. some of the sound levels are mentioned below which you can opt according to your desire.
  • Silent Specification – 75 db or less noise emissions at 1 meter in open field conditions Super Quiet Specification to have 70 dB or less noise emissions at 1 meter in open field conditions.
  • Extreme Silent Specification – 65 dB or less noise emissions at 1 meter in open field conditions.
  • Whisper silent solution – 60 dB or less noise level at 1 meter outside
  • Silent Whisper Specification– 55 dB and less noise emission 1 meter in open field.


You will want to get the best generator canopy so that your generator makes minimum noise and you can live a comfortable life. We cannot stop the noise of the generator, but we can try to decrease it with the help of the generator soundproof canopy.

In this blog, we share the necessity of Generator canopies. If you want details related to Generator Safety, you can contact EO Energy team.

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