Gorgeous Make-Up Ideas For This Wedding Season

Gorgeous Make-Up Ideas For This Wedding Season

Every wedding nuptial demands a distinct make-up look. If you go for a royal look on your D-day, you can go minimal with your blend for a morning function. Even though a wedding look can never go over the top and there are no stringent rules over how your appearance should be, being a little methodical about your bridal makeup for your wedding events is not a bad idea.

However, to complement your bridal attire, you need to be particular about the make-up look you will be donning. Your bridal ensemble should be on point with embellished bridal attire, perfect shoes, with an impeccably done makeup.

To ensure no stone remains unturned to turn your special day a successful affair, you can resort to destination wedding planners. They are professionals who work to ensure a strategic wedding planning is done meticulously keeping in mind the nitty-gritty details including your makeup artist and bridal attire.

To strike a balance between looking beautiful and retaining a long-lasting charm, consider hiring a destination wedding planner and look whether they include bridal makeup packages in their list of services and offerings.

Nowadays bridal make-up packages consider incorporating interesting makeup ideas on the new age brides to usher a chic sense of style in their appearance.

5 Make-up Looks You Can Try This Wedding Season

  • Nothing matches the shade that glows from within and is not rendered by any makeup. Make yourself party/wedding-ready with minimal blush, accompanied by rosy tainted lips and well defined smoky eyes. This unique mishmash can go wrong with your elaborate bridal dress and would add an extra charm. Natural shade with light pink or rosy lips and smoky eyes accented by a hair tied tightly at the back is undoubtedly a winning ensemble.
  • A touch of shimmer over the cheeks, with an accented drama on the eyes and petal pink lips, is a fusion that just can’t go wrong. Contoured cheeks with glam eye and mauve lips is a combination that cannot go wrong this wedding season.
  • Opting for a look that has a light makeup palette with creamy brown hues as the eye shadow and matching lip colour imbues a soft tone.
  • A tinge of glitter that works like a treat to enhance the beauty and make the eyes prominent. Add a rosy nude lip and a dash of bronze shadow to complete the look.
  • ●       Don’t hesitate to incorporate some bold eye colour into your wedding day makeup. Opt for the best bridal makeup packagesand artists to look your best on the most important day of your life.
  • Explore a bold look for your day by going a little gutsy with your lips. A red lip, with laid back hairstyle, can be your look for the day as it raises the quintessential chic quotientmeant to flatter.

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