How to Gain Dubai Jobs Online?

How to Gain Dubai Jobs Online?

In case you are seeking jobs in Dubai, internet search is your best bet. This is because an online search avoids the hassle of sending physical applications, overrides the barrier of distanceand permits you to search for jobs as per your convenience.

In spite of the benefits, an online search for jobs can prove to be unproductive without a basic understanding of the job market. You can try the following tips for an efficient online job search to land a job in Dubai.

Prepare a Great CV

Make sure you have a concise and attractive CV that does justice to your professional record and career. After all, recruiters spend only around 5 to 7 seconds on every CV. Hence do your best to grab the attention of recruiters through your CV. One strategy is to include in the resume, keywords related to the job role applied for. Another mode to impress recruiters is to highlight any of your academic or professional achievements when you seek online jobs in Dubai.

Select the Right Job Site

Selecting the right job site for job applications is quite a challenge because of the innumerable sites out there. A safe bet is to go in for sites like which are not only reliable but also focus on jobs in the Gulf region and are highly popular.

Understand the Market

The job market in the UAE has its peculiarities. A massive 85% of the workforce in UAE consists of expatriates. However, the government is actively pursuing a policy of Emiratization in which local nationals of UAE get preference in jobs. In case you are a UAE national, determine what jobs you likefall under the bracket of ‘Emiratization.’ When you apply fora job as per this policy, then chances of getting hired rise exponentially.

Select Quality Rather Than Quantity

The country has a vibrant job market thanks to a robust economy that is host to leading global companies. Because of the busy recruitment scene in Dubai, it may tempt you to cast your net wide by applying for as many jobs as possible. But experts in HR discourage this tendency. You must restrict your applications to only those jobs which match your skill and pursue only these to a logical conclusion. Before applying for a job, it is good to assess whether you can add value to the company with your specific experience and skillsets.

Do Research On Company

The last thing you want to do is to apply for a job and find out that it is not suitable for you. Before applying, take time to do research on the company. Don’t restrict your research to just studying their website; consult social media as well as online discussion boards. This will offer you a vivid glimpse into the functioning of the company and whether it is right for you.

Get E-Mail Alerts

Among the best features of an online search for jobs in Dubai is that you can get regular e-mail alerts about the latest jobs in Dubai. Thus you will get alerts on jobs delivered to your e-mail inbox. This feature found in most sites for job listings collects a list of jobs based on keywords that you prescribe and makes sure you receive them in your e-mail. This helps you stay updated about fresh jobs in the field.

Thus an online job search is of much value to land jobs in Dubai. Combine it with cold calling and networking to land the job of your dreams in this wonderful city.

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