Ordering food in trains for people suffering from high BP

Ordering food in trains for people suffering from high BP

This is the most common problem faced by the people nowadays. The high blood pressure needs to be given proper attention in terms of healthy diet and proper meals. This is also called as silent killer and such conditions must not be ignored by anyone. Diet plays a very crucial role in maintain the right blood pressure levels in the human body. In case these are cured in the initial stages then the people can cure it in the most effortless manners. There can be a slight change in diet along with some medicine so that the results can be seen on health of the people. It is mandatory for the people with high BP to manage their diet properly. There are many kinds of train food service for such people in order to keep them healthy during the journey.

Such people can also order food online using the 10 digit PNR number so that they do not have to carry an extra bag for food or not even have to depend upon the train pantry car. Such people must avoid food at the station premises and must order fresh food for them using the online methods. There are special breakfast and lunch menus for people suffering with these kinds of ailments,

Breakfast: the people suffering from high BP must take meals after equal intervals of time. They are required to take light breakfast and things like poha, sandwich, toasts are available with them as options for breakfast which they can order online. This will help them to be healthy during the journey. Even they can order fresh fruits and take it as brunch. They must avoid heavy and oily items and south Indian breakfast can also be a good option for them.

Lunch: the best option for everyone in lunch is the veg thali. This will have the sabzi, roti, dal, salad and pickle. This is a great choice for all kinds of people and their bellies. There are minor changes in the menu like the standard thali will have paneer dish in it. The deluxe thali will have a sweet dish along with the other things. There is also the option of jain thali which includes the normal food items but these are prepared without using the onions and garlic. People can also order something different from the Indian menu like they can have Chinese, some combos, etc.

Dinner: for the BP patients the dinner must be light enough for them to digest. This will help in keeping their conditions stable. People can order the Indian thali and combos in such cases. They can even place the different orders for a single dish and can combine it with rice or roti along with some dessert item.

They must carry their medicines and must keep them in hand bag and not in luggage. They should also avoid oily and non veg food items during their journey. They must drink enough water to keep the body hydrated.

Thus the options for the patients with high BP have been explained.

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