Places to find beautiful maternity clothes?

Places to find beautiful maternity clothes?

Many women sometimes question about wearing tight-fitting pregnant dresses because they don’t feel comfortable with the growing body. But in reality, it is the party dresses for pregnant women, whether they are long or short dresses that make your tummy look and shine more and I assure you that you will steal all the eyes of the party.

Typically, the clothes for pregnant women are usually simple, but the opportunity to take a maternity photo session can make you wear different colors and patterns. Because this is maternity clothes, they may make you take out your flirt, if you use the correct one.

Maternity dresses are a very interesting option for the wardrobe of a pregnant woman. Fashion brands have paid attention to a market that is booming every day. Women like to feel beautiful at any stage of our lives, but are it better to choose a short or long dress? What style do you favor the most when you are expecting a baby? Keep reading, in this article, we delve a little deeper into maternity clothes, and from where you can buy a dress for this duration

Places to find beautiful maternity clothes

It is not always easy to find Nursing Night Gown that we like when we are pregnant. However, this is a period when we want more than anything to feel beautiful and good in our bodies. Where to shop? Below are a few places where you can find the best maternity clothes

Strawberry craving

An online store that delivers clothing is the darling of several famous moms, including Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Mila Kunis. The collections of maternity clothes, trends, and affordable Pregnancy dress, pregnancy jeans, pregnancy pants, the nursing top can be found here. Best about this store is that you can find a variety of clothes here at reasonable rates


Specializing in breastfeeding clothes and bras, Momzelle, a company established in 2007, is a brand of breastfeeding clothes & bras whose mission is to help mothers feel good about breastfeeding in public. From a simple night camisole, to the trendy nursing top and even magnificent nursing dresses for special occasions. The clothes are sold online and in their shop on rue Meilleur in the Chabanel district.

Mother and Mosses

Located in Vieux-Longueuil, the Mere & Mousses boutique offers an extensive choice of maternity clothes. Striving to follow new trends and respond to the new realities of families, Mère & Mousses is a destination of choice for young families, who will also find clothing and accessories for children and babies there. There are thus several renowned brands, including the adorable humorous Belly Boom sweaters!


Bedondine, the best online store for maternity clothes, offers a superb range of maternity clothes. Trendy, comfortable pieces that will enhance your beautiful curves. Thanks to a wide variety of styles, you will easily find and outfits that suit your needs and tastes. You can go to the Granby boutique workshop, visit the online store, or go to one of the many points of sale.


In recent years, the maternity clothes of the American giant Gap have finally been available in Canada. What we like is that the brand often offers surprise discounts (online and in stores) and that it is possible to dress from head to toe without breaking the bank – and, above all, without skimping on style! Same thing at Old Navy, which is often cheaper (but whose maternity clothes are available in certain stores only.)


Shopping at H&M means making sure you have a trendy look (without breaking the bank!) And, good news, you can show off this style even if you are pregnant, thanks to their magnificent maternity collection.

Thyme Maternity

Thyme Maternity is much more than the Canadian leader in fashion for pregnant women. Thyme is a family of experts determined to make you feel beautiful and good about yourself throughout your pregnancy, and even after the baby arrives. Each fabric is chosen, as each garment, and each cut is specifically designed to benefit your new curves.


Eggnog offers a new concept of maternity and breastfeeding clothing mix & match unique, which is inspired by market trends to reinvent breastfeeding clothing.

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