Projector or TV? Which one is best for you?

That is the question and surely many have asked you the same thing at some point. The truth is that it may seem simple to answer but no. At least I wouldn’t know exactly what the best option is. Not without some additional data. Both an option and another provide a number of advantages in disadvantages that depend on many factors to decide whether projector or television.

A video projector can offer you a true cinematic experience at home, but should you choose one instead of a large screen TV? Projectors allow you to watch TV and movies on a screen that is more than 100 inches at home, and you don’t need to be rich to buy one.

Does a projector replace a television?

I think this is the first question we must ask ourselves. I really don’t believe that any of the products can be a substitute for the other. On the other hand, I do think they are complementary. Reason why it is common to see many users who have a projector in the living room and also a television.

But as the current economy is not for many expenses and the idea is to “choose” between one and the other let’s see points that will make us tip the balance to the side.

Advantages and disadvantages of the projector in front of the TV:

  • More inches with the projector, being able to see an image of for example 40 or 100 inches depending on the distance from the screen or area where we project.

With a retractable screen and a projector that we can place on the ceiling and even hide it in a piece of furniture we will gain space in the living room. In addition to a more open space.

  • If you like to enjoy the authentic home theater experience, a projector is ideal.

But not all are advantages; there are also points that represent a disadvantage compared to a television:

  • The ignition is slower than that of a television.
  • The life of the lamp is shorter than that of a television panel.
  • For the projector we will have to control the light in the room. In most cases leave it in the dark to enjoy better contrast.

If you like good cinema, a projector is ideal. You can also enjoy football matches or other sporting events with him. And if we add a good sound system you will be facing the same experience that you will live in the cinema or better in some cases.

Of course, to make use of a large screen size, greater than 60 inches. If the room is not very big, there is no problem thanks to short throw projectors. In addition, you can have a space (room or lounge) much more transparent and collected. Provided that the resolution of the projector should be Full HD. 

Some people do not bother to acquire a screen – they will only use their wall. They prefer to have a giant image when watching movies and being able to put the projector back in the closet when they do not use it instead of having a huge TV taking up space. If you are one of those people and want to have a projector on rent in Noida then you are able to do so. Take a projector on rent is a good choice if you want to spend a good time with your friends and family.

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