Safety Tips For The Overall Protection Of Your Mobile Phone

Safety Tips For The Overall Protection Of Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have become a very integral part of our lives. From storing the images clicked during a family vacation, to the all-important business reports, to some crucial phone numbers of our friends, colleagues, and family members, they have gradually become a powerhouse of all our personal and professional data.

Hence, it’s quite essential to keep our smartphones protected from any sort of physical or internal damage. More than the financial loss, it’s the forfeiture of some crucial data that can be quite upsetting. Procuring a mobile insurance can hence be a wise idea to protect the hardware and software component of your precious device.

Apart from that, you should follow the tips listed below to ensure a 360-degree protection of your mobile phone:

  • Use proper protective equipment for your device

Your smartphone getting slipped out of your hands might not be a very uncommon incident. Although it depends on your luck, such accidental drops can cause your mobile’s screen to crack and/or create dents in its body which can not only decrease its aesthetic value but also affect its overall performance.

So, it’s necessary to protect your mobile phone by using it with proper protective equipment such as back cover, screen guard etc.

  • Install anti-theft applications in your smartphone

Another potential threat to your smartphone is getting it stolen. This can result not only in loss of your expensive device but also in revealing your personal information to the thief. To prevent such a scenario, you can install anti-theft applications in your smartphone such as Find My Device, Cerberus, Avast Mobile Security etc.

Through these apps, you can always track the location of your mobile device, remotely lock or unlock your smartphone, and wipe out its external and internal memory. These applications can also raise an alarm in case your mobile is in unauthorized hands, take photos of anyone trying to use it without your permission, and upload them to the cloud for you to see and identify the thief.

  • Lock your apps with strong passcodes

In case your mobile phone gets into the hands of a fraudster, he/she may use it to dupe you of your hard-earned money by accessing mobile banking applications and other wallet apps stored in it. Hence, you must always lock your smartphone applications with a strong set of passwords that is hard to guess.

Modern devices also allow its users to set their fingerprints or facial scanning as passcodes to unlock the applications. In case your phone does not have such feature by default, you can download third-party applications such as Applock to keep your mobile apps secured.

  • Keep your phone secured against viruses

Just like your PC, your smartphone is also susceptible to virus attacks and malwares. Therefore, just like you’ve purchased an anti-virus software for your computer, you need to install security apps in your smartphone to keep it protected against the viruses. There are many well-known companies such as Avast, McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro etc. that offer anti-virus applications for smartphones.

Depending upon the free or premium version that you opt for, you will get features like automatic scan for viruses and malwares, call blocking, remote lock and unlock of your smartphone, anti-theft alarm, privacy scanner etc.

  • Protect your device with a mobile insurance plan

In a bid to provide comprehensive security to your costly gadgets, many insurers have started offering mobile insurance in India. By purchasing such a policy, you can protect your device against accidental damage, liquid spills, fire, theft, burglary, or any other mishap.

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