Sap Online Training Courses – Helping Personnel Understand Inventory Management Software

Sap Online Training Courses – Helping Personnel Understand Inventory Management Software

Managing a warehouse and its activities is very essential for a business. A business has to ensure every product or inventory in its warehouse is properly sourced, stored and delivered in order to improve the efficiency of an organization’s operations. SAP Extended warehouse management system (EWM) is a complete system of managing the inventory within a warehouse and supporting the ancillary activities connected with the movement of stock goods from the warehouse of a business. Every process of inventory management involving entry and exit of goods is managed efficiently using the EWM system. Moreover, the current location of a product or merchandise stocked within a warehouse and in transit can be identified with the help extended warehouse management system. 

In order to understand the working and benefits of SAP EWM system, one can opt for a sap ewm course. This course trains and equips the personnel already working within a warehouse of a business organization with the necessary knowledge to understand the system of extended inventory management. Various websites provide such training courses to individuals who intend to understand the intricate details about this course and get a specialized certification diploma in inventory management. Saponair is one such website which provides the best EWM training courses. Website provides 24×7 support services and provides information about various topics covered under SAP EWM course. The course material range from the cortical information to online lesson videos and lectures explaining various aspects of the course. The course includes various topics which are listed below:

  1. Basics of testing and automating the inventory management software or tool with the help of trained trainers who have more than 12 years of experience in training warehouse personnel.

  2. Practical training in order to make the personnel understand the real world applications of the inventory management software.

  3. Inventory and good issue management:

Warehouse Personnel and other individuals are equipped with the knowledge about stock removal strategies, batch management and storage control. Information about every activity related to movement of inventory whether entry or exit and within the warehouse is imparted to the personnel.

  1. Storage management:

Personnel learn about the best way to manage the stock within a warehouse and to store it with efficient use of space. They are imparted with the following knowledge:

  • Storage control concepts.
  • Managing storage of inventory on the basis of process which the organization follows for production i.e. storing raw material according to the manufacturing process.
  • Managing inventory on the basis is layout of warehouse or available space.
  • Warehouse order management and creation:

Knowledge about the best way to manage inventory within a warehouse and to stock the goods on the basis of exit orders and delivery is imparted to the warehouse personnel.

  • Managing physical inventory within a warehouse:

This involved understanding the most efficient way to move physical inventory within a warehouse and upon delivery of the good. Setting up of procedure for physical inventory within a warehouse is the most important knowledge provided under SAP EWM training course.

Saponair provides all such sap ewm online training which equips the personnel with the necessary knowledge to manage inventory effectively and efficiently.

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