Sophie Mudd bio, body measurement, personal life, boyfriend and Net worth

Sophie Mudd bio, body measurement, personal life, boyfriend and Net worth

Social media has become one of the popular platforms for gaining fame and Sophie Mudd is a new sensation. She has gained much popularity through Instagram so she is also called an Instagram star. Sophie Mudd is a model who can be found on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. There are thousands of followers on all the sites. She didn’t do any hard work for getting followers. She has got popularity by sharing some pictures on social media. Let s know some more things about this model.

Her birth and family

The model was born on 27 July 1998 in the United States. She is a very shy girl and has kept her family and personal life away from the public. Nobody has any knowledge about education, siblings, and family of the model.  But still there are some facts that are known. One of them is that she is very close to her family and especially her mom. She always keeps posting her pictures with her parents. She also says that her father helped her in becoming a model. In one of her pictures wither mother, she said that she is her best friend forever or BFF. Nicolas Mudd is her elder brother but nobody knows about his age and occupation. One thing that people know about him is that he loves traveling.

Some sources say that she and her brother studied in Campbell Hall School and performed well in their academics. She also participated in Delphi League Meet held at Notre Dame High school. She got 12th rank in that competition.

Body Measurement

Sophie Mudd is mostly seen in her pictures and likes to wear a bikini. This is the reason that she has become popular. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches and she weighs 128 pounds or 50 kg. Her body shape is that of an hourglass and it measures 38-25-36 inches.

Dating and boyfriend

Her height and figure attract many men to go for a date with her. She had been in many relationships. And now she has a boyfriend named Conrad Hilton Junior. His father’s name is also Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Nobody knows whether they have dated with each other or not but they were seen with each other many times. Another person with whom she has a relationship is Austin Dash. They have been found dating with each other from 2017. She always posts her pictures with Austin on social media.

She gave birthday wishes to Austin on 12th July 2017. She also thanked her for being a part of life in good and tough times. Austin also remembered her and the time they have sent together.

Her presence on social media

As already mentioned, Sophie Mudd has gained name and fame through social media. There are thousands of followers who follow her on different social media sites. She is called Instagram star where she has more than one million followers.


She is a very hardworking model but still, she has not got a breakthrough. Still her net worth is quite good. There are some sources that say that she has a net worth of $250.000 and some say that it is less. But these are only guesses and nobody knows about her actual net worth. Her career, popularity, and ambition tell that her net worth will grow in the near future.

Things that she loves

The thing that she loves the most is modeling. Besides modeling, other things that she loves are tourism and animals. Dog s her favorite animal. It has been seen that she loves dogs more than humans. Nobody knows if she has any pet dog as she never shared any of her pictures with pets.


She started posting her pictures in November 2013. Her first picture was taken in a sparkle factory located in Las Vegas. She made a page on Instagram and posted pictures very often. Another platform, which she uses the most is Snapchat. When she started getting followers on both these platforms, she too interests in social media. She has worked with many companies for advertising slim wears. And inner garments.

Her body figure gave her popularity. One of the American magazines has predicted that she is going to become the next popular American model. There are many instances that she faced criticism because other pictures in a bikini but still she uses those pictures for fame.

Wrapping Up

Sophie Mudd is an ambitious model who also has become an internet sensation. She has posted a lot of pictures on Instagram and now she has more than one million followers. Her body figure and clothes are one of the reasons for her popularity. Besides Instagram, she also has posted pictures on other social media sites like Snapchat. Some people have predicted that she will become one of the greatest American models in the future.

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