The Legal Requirements for Medical Tourism in India

The Legal Requirements for Medical Tourism in India

The medical industry and the tourism have grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. The innovation and the excellence in treatments have attracted the people from all over the world. There are a large number of factors that have made the best medical tourism in India. The nations like India are considered cheap in terms of medical expenses as compared to the other nations which are developed. There are some specific visa requirements to travel in a country in order to get medical assistance and guidance. There is huge demand for medical treatments in India from across the world.

In the light and due consideration to the huge number of patients from all over the world the government of India has issued a specific visa for medical requirements of people. The nature of the visa will be same in no consideration to the people and from which country they belong. The people can apply for medical visa in order to get world class best treatments and with the latest equipped technology that too at half of the prices as compared to foreign nations. The government has granted an initial period of one year on the visa which has been set in proper and due regard to the treatment and getting cured time periods. The recovery of the patient is the main thing considered here. There is also some sorts of extension periods which will be provided only in case there is something serious and that too by proper and designated authorities and the whole thing will be supported with the help of the proper medical documents.

This visa will allow the people 3 entries in the nation and during the time period of one year. There can be some other entries that too with proper permissions and formalities and only in cases of emergencies. People from nations like Pakistan and Kenya must have the yellow fever vaccination form filled as per the requirements. The candidates must also have oral polio verification certificate and this is must for children as well as adults. These will be checked and verified by Indian posts and missions in the particular designated countries. This will help to confirm if request for visa is genuine or not. The people must also need to present their specific plan of action which things are they going to do and many more things like initial medical advices, some special treatments, etc.

People must have passport with 6 months validity. There must be recent passport size photographs and photocopies of the passport. For people under the age of 18 there should be certificates signed from both the parents. The copy of original visa application must be there. There must be proof of original residence and required funds. The recommendation of the doctors to get treatment from the other nation and there must be proper proofs of the documents of the attendant so that the person who is accompanying is also genuine.

Getting best medical tourism in India at genuine prices is a good thing for the health as well as for the pocket.

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