Types of Bags a Woman Must Own

Types of Bags a Woman Must Own

Gone do the days when one used to think that own one or two bags can solve every purpose. But that is not the case anymore. These days one or two bags cannot solve all the purposes and hence one needs to collect quite a few so that they can carry them depending on what occasion they are going to attend.

One can buy cotton bag wholesale, but before that one has to have a clear idea about the types of bags they need to buy so that they can carry them with their wardrobe. Here are the top types that one must concentrate on collecting:

Day Clutch

They look like an envelope and this is a purse which can actually serve everyday purpose. One can always carry them when they have dressed casually and is going for a casual outing. They are quite big in which one can keep their regular staffs like coin bags, cell phones, lip balms and perfumes when they are going out with their friends.

Evening Clutch

This is more of a fashionable variety of the clutch type which has been mentioned above. They can be paired with an evening gown or a dress when one is going for a formal get-together or a party. This can be of an elegant (preferably deeply coloured) and they do come in various designs. One can pick their type from the varieties available.

Weekender or Duffle Bags

These are the bags which can be easily carried when one has made a last minute trip plan. They can be taken when one is going for an overnight party or a weekend getaway. One can stuff all the necessary things which are needed for 2 days and so this has to be there in the wardrobe.

Tote Bag

This is something which is mostly owned by ladies these days because this bag is for every woman. They have a medium size and one can stuff all the necessary things there. They can carry them to their office or can take when they are going out with friends as well. Hence it is a multipurpose bag.

Sling Bag

This is another common style of bag owned by most women. They do not have much space inside and so when one just wants to carry light (just the phone and the purse) then this variety seems to be the right choice for them.

Cloth Bag

This is a very casual and a very basic bag that one can own. They really come handy and so one can carry them when they are going out for a shopping spree. They are not only stylish but also light weight and they have enough space to keep things inside. It is also a very comfortable bag to carry.


This is a kind of a bag which one must have if they have a knack for travelling. They can be great to carry a lot of stuffs for a week outing and hence they are very useful.

So, when it comes to bag for women, these are the varieties that one must look for.

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