What are the consequences of probation violating in Georgia?

What are the consequences of probation violating in Georgia?

Probation is a concept wherein an accused person can get its conviction altered. It helps an individual to get its punishment to be satisfied outside the custody.  It gives an opportunity to punish the accused for their crime without any expense and the labor of handling the process of incarceration. Probation includes misdemeanor and felony convictions. The tenure of probation sentences can last from a few months to several years too. Cobb County probation violation rules are pre-specified and determined, an individual cannot deny agreeing to the probation once decided. If an individual tends to break the probation law, he/she may suffer threatening and treacherous consequences. Probation is a highly tricky condition wherein probation officers are assigned to the probationers. The probation officer acts as a judge for the probation officer as he/she oversees your case and determine the suitable consequence of the violation of probation.

The points stated below are the violations considered as evoking in eyes of law:

  • Avoiding injurious and barbarous health
  • Reporting the probation officer as directed
  • Working faithfully in the allotted community service
  • Permitting the probation officer to visit their home
  • Avoiding people with disreputable character
  • Avoiding going outside the allocated place
  • Supporting their dependents, to the extent it is possible 

In case of violation of the probation charged against you, an arrest warrant can be issued in your name and you get prone to face severe penalties. A substantial fine or spending extra hours of community service is one of the consequences of violating probation. Heavy fines, additional special conditions, required drug counseling, revocation of probation are few of the consequences of Cobb County probation violation.

Technical violation, special condition violation, and substantive violation are few ways to violate probation in Georgia. When an individual fails to meet a technical condition of probation such as failure in paying fees, failing to report to a probation officer, etc, it comes under the technical violation type of probation.

A failure to fulfill a special condition emphasized on the probation becomes a part of special condition violation of probation. Having employment, no usage of drugs, and staying away from certain people are few of the violations coming under the provision of a special condition of probation.

  If the person is arrested off another criminal offense it comes under substantive violation of probation. Committing crime such as Driving under Influence, selling drugs are few of the violations comprising the substantive violation of probation.   

There are severe consequences of violating probation in Georgia. There are various factors considered to evaluate the seriousness of your crime and your criminal history is also examined. Extension of probation time, jail time, heavy fines, additional counseling, and added special conditions are few of the many consequences to be suffered.

Probation violating attorney Cobb County can protect you from such consequences and can contradict the piece of evidence against you and will be able to arrange better results on your behalf.  The accused needs to be available for all the respective court hearings, where the judge actually determines the type of violation and hence determines an appropriate punishment. Cobb County, Probation violation lawyer can only prove to be God for you as he/she can save you or minimize your punishments. It’s vital and necessary to strengthen your case to work with an experienced probation violation lawyer. They plan out a violation plan depending upon your family’s needs and wants. Considering all the factors and facts, they negotiate with your probation officer and the prosecutor.

The most common and simple consequence is the extension of your probation. The tenure of extension is decided by the judge which can extend from a few months to many years. The predominance of evidence is weighed while the judgment of the penalties by the judge. If you are sentenced to a severe punishment it means that the standard of proof in favor of you is ambiguous. The predominance of evidence is considered to be truth or reality. All the probation violating lawyers, Cobb County is well-experienced and possess broad knowledge and attempt their best in negotiating deals and undertaking hearings. They do their best to avoid their clients to be in custody.

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