What Important Topics Need To Be Covered For Class 9 Math Exam

What Important Topics Need To Be Covered For Class 9 Math Exam

Class 9 is a crucial class for students because next year comes boards and we all know how stressful it is. Class 9 can be looked at as the foundation period and students need to understand and grasp concepts well to be able to perform even better next year. Given below are three units that the students need to master for their future examinations.

  1. First unit, Number Systems.

  • Topic one: Real numbers. This topic required a minimum of eighteen periods to drill the topic into the heads of the students. It includes the representation of rational numbers, integers, natural numbers, all on the basis of the number line. The students should be taught non terminating and terminating decimals (recurring) on the given number line with the help of succesive magnification. Various operations on real numbers should be taught to the students according to the study material for 9th cbse maths.
  • Non terminating, non recurring decimals: Existence of irrational numbers needs to be shown, along with their representation on the number line. Every real number is represented by a point on the given number line. It is unique and conversely, every given point on the number line goes on to represent a real number.
  • Definition of the root of a given real number and it’s nth root needs to be taught to the students.
  • A positive real number x with its representation and geometric proof on the number line should be taught along with square root.
  • Rationalization of real numbers should be well explained, along with how many combinations there are, where numbers a and b are integers and there’s real number rationalization.
  • The law of exponents should be recalled. The learner should recall the basics first before arriving to the general laws and to topics like rational exponents.
  1. Second Unit, Algebra. (Requires 23 periods more or less)

  • Topic one, Polynomials: The definition of Polynomials should be well taught with more of counter examples to drive the concept home. What the coffefficients of a polynomial are, it’s degrees, different types- cubic, quadratic, constant and linear. Binomials, monomials and trinomials. The students should also be taught what the zeroes of a polynomial are, the different factors and multiplies. The remainder theorem is another topic that needs to be reinforced along with factor theorem and factorization.
  • Linear equations need about 14 periods to get thorough with. Linear equations where ax + by + c = 0 is more important than any other. You need to teach the student that a linear equation with two variables has an infinite number of answers, ie solutions. They justify themselves as ordered pairs in the place of real numbers, which can be further plotted and placed on a graph. A number of problems, especially from ratio and proportion which have graphical and algebraic solutions getting done in a simultaneous manner.
  1. Third Unit, Coordinate Geometry (Will be done in about 6 periods)

Coordinate Geometry is an easy topic if drilled in the head of the student from the get go and is given throughly in cbse class 9 math study material

 Topics like coordinates of a point, the Cartesian plane, plotting different points on a given plane along with different terms and names that can be put with a coordinate plane must be taught to a student thoroughly.

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