World Class Kyphosis Treatment in India at Pocket-Friendly Price

World Class Kyphosis Treatment in India at Pocket-Friendly Price

A forward rounding of the back commonly found in older women is medically referred as Kyphosis. It is the condition where the spine curvature bends forward leading to rounding of your back. Rounding of your back is normal, but when the patients are suffering from Kyphosis, they experience exaggerated rounding. The condition may affect people of any age but is commonly found in the elderly population, especially women. Age-related osteoporosis usually weakens the spinal bone, which leads to compressing and cracking of the spinal bone, and this causes Kyphosis.

Teens and infants may also be diagnosed with other types of Kyphosis, which are caused due to wedging of spinal bone and malformation of the spine over time. Mild and moderate Kyphosis cause few symptoms and discomfort, while the severe cases of Kyphosis cause chronic pain and can be disfiguring too. Kyphosis Treatment in India is offered based on the age of the patients, cause of curvature and the effects.

Detailed Review of Kyphosis Treatment in India!

Kyphosis Treatment in India is decided based on the symptoms, cause and effects. Over the counter, medications are prescribed to control pain. If the root cause of Kyphosis is age-related osteoporosis, doctors may treat the osteoporosis. Bone-strengthening medicines are also prescribed to prevent further fractures in spinal. Physical exercises and therapies are also prescribed to improvise spinal posture and flexibility. If the curve is severe, doctors may prescribe surgical procedures, and this includes:

  • Kyphoplasty – This is a new and innovative, minimally invasive, procedure to treat compression fracture in the spine caused due to osteoporosis. The method involves inserting a special balloon into fractured vertebrae and then inflating it to create a cavity in the bone. This cavity is filled with bone cement to strengthen it. Patients have confirmed significant improvement in their quality of life and pain post-surgery.
  • Spinal Fusion Surgery – It is a surgical procedure that involves joining two or more vertebrae to eliminate the movement in the vertebral levels. The focus of this surgical procedure is to connect or fuse the vertebrae permanently. The vertebrae are fastened together using metal rods and screws and allowed to heal biologically and achieve the correct posture.          

How Much is the Kyphosis Surgery Cost in India?

The average cost of Kyphosis surgery in western countries is very high as compared to India. Kyphosis Surgery Cost in India is relatively low as compared to other nations, which ranges from USD 6500 to USD 9500, which is relatively low than in other countries. 

India is not only known for the reasonable Kyphosis treatment, but foreign patients are also attracted because of advanced medical facilities, promising techniques and technology & surgeons with expertise in this area. 

Final Thought!

India has emerged as the popular medical hub for patients who are looking for world-class, efficient and low-cost treatment for Kyphosis. India has leading medical facilities and hospitals where Kyphosis treatments are offered by experienced surgeons that guarantee a brilliant success rate.  

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